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Hyperuricemia may be primaryas in goutor secondary to diseases such as acute and chronic leukemiapolycythemia veramultiple myelomaand psoriasisIt may occur with the use of diuretic agentsduring renal dialysisin the presence of renal damageduring starvation or reducing dietsand in the treatment of neoplastic disease where rapidresolution of tissue masses may occurAsymptomatic hyperuricemia is not an indication for treatment with Zyloprimsee INDICATIONS AND USAGE

Some less serious side effectsof allopurinol may includeVomiting Diarrhea Drowsiness Headache Muscle pain Changes in sense or taste.

Azathioprine AN TabletsConsumer Medicines Information leaflets of prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

Due to the occasional occurrence of drowsinesspatients should be alerted to the need for due precaution when engaging in activities where alertness is mandatory.

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even with adequate therapy with zyloprim allopurinol , it may require several months to deplete the uric acid pool sufficiently to achieve control of the acute attacks.

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